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Just wanted to share my find at the 99 cent store today. Bamboo bundles of 5 for 99cents and a stake set for 99 cents. I plan on putting the arched bamboo in the pothos and ficus plants that are on a counter top in the kitchen. Then attached the other 5 stakes in varies places so they can have access to both plants. Will show more tomorrow


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The boys free range!


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So since I am home just about 99% of the time I was thinking about letting the boys free range about 95% of the time. Yes I'll have an enclosure for them. But I really prefer them to free range. I'm looking into adding an artificial tree to the mix as well as another ficus tree.

Problem though: I want to make or pickup a rolling cart. The problem I have is my cat. She pretty much leave my beardie alone and he free ranges all the time, but hes bigger than my babies. So While I'm home I know that she'll leave them alone with no issues. I just don't know about if I have to leave the house suddenly.

How does everyone else handle free ranging with other pets?
Nice find! I will have to check that out although 99 cent stores have cheap china cra* with lead and everything else...but what doesn't kill you makes your stronger!!

Hey, I wandered around in the wilderness surrounding a shoreline recently and MAN can you find some GREAT driftwood and climbing material for your cham! Just sayin'.
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