Free Range Idea


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I was looking at trellises in Lowe's and thinking about all of the possibilities as bases for free-ranges. They come in different sizes, metal, wood or a combo. I see all kinds of possibilities, hinging 2 together, and using hooks, vines, rope, planters, etc., for climbing. Have any of you done this?

One of the benefits would be no holes in the walls, other than an anchor hook if needed. Once I recuperate from my $1040 a/c repair, I might try it. :cool:
They would work well. I have also seen the metal shelving you find at Costco, Lowes, and Home Depot used. Some of those come with wheels.....Oh the possibilities.:D

Creativity is one of the fuels that keep us engaged in this hobby me thinks.

I was planning on making a bamboo trellis as part of my chameleon's free range but I can't find waxed lashing cord anywhere...and then your idea of connecting two together...sounds like a chameleons jungle gym paradise! Once I find this lashing cord I'm going to start on it so I'll post some pictures :)
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