Free range for Rex


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I'm at my grandmas for the weekend and she has a 30 year old focus red likes to play in. He is pretty happy right now. :D


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Cute!! Do you bring your cham when you travel? Does he seem to mind? I hope me and my cham can get to that point. :)


Rex is so handsome! I want an Oustalet sooooo bad, but I can't seem to find a decent care sheet for them. I was wondering if you could give me some tips :)


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Sorry i didnt notice anyone had responded to this. I dont take him everywhere, just too the petshop once a week and maybe my gmas if its summer or fall. Also just treat an Oustalets like a panther, same temps just more food, water, and a bigger cage, a 175gal reptarium should be good for a full grown male. Im hoping rex reach's 400g's. :eek: Anyway yeah just follow the panther caresheet except for what encluded. I've had Rex since he was 2 months old, i get people here and there asking for caresheets on them, so just follow above and everything should turn out fine.:D
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