Frazier - Egg Bound??

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Frazier is about 9 months old. A Veiled Cham. (I intially thought she was a he therefore the name "Frazier" :) She laid an egg about 2 days ago. Did some superficial digging in her sand box but no other eggs. Her tummy doesn't seem to have any eggs. She hasn't eaten in days. She was drinking up until 2 days ago. She's weak and her back legs are somewhat limp. Is she a gonner? :(
I would get her to the vet ... your vet can do an xray to check for anymore eggs and she might be needing some fluids to get her jump started again. Hermie always gets a kick start after getting fluids and his appetite increases and everything.
When you say her back legs are weak ... do you mean like rubbery and not strong? Do you supplement with calcium for her? I know that egg laying can really leach calcium from the girls and could potentially cause problems with Metabolic Bone Disease.
Thanks, Jam. Since getting her in September, I've been giving vitamins and calcium. These last days I've fed her calcium water and applesauce with a dropper. There isn't much strength in her back legs. She'll hold onto a branch with her front legs and just hang. Sometimes she'll breath out of mouth but not often.
Well, applesauce certainly is a lifesaver ... Hermie lived off of it for a few weeks. He also (by some miracle) would open his mouth and let us drop wax worms in too for a while.

Do you have a UVB light for her? If so what kind?

Sorry, I'm just trying to think about what this might be...
I agree with Jam, Frazier needs to see a vet as soon as possible.

Is she a gonner? :(
From your description, I can only assume she will not be around for very long without the help of a qualified vet. You may want to check out [THREAD=67]the veterinarian resources[/THREAD] if you don't already have a qualified vet. has veterinarians experienced with amphibians and reptiles listed by city. If you live in a less populated area, finding a qualified veterinarian can be difficult. You just have to do the best you can; try and find a vet with some exotic/reptile experience if you can not find one with direct chameleon experience.

If you want a friendly critique on you current setup, you may want to visit this link: [THREAD=66]How to ask for help[/THREAD]. It would help the members with experience in this area give more accurate advice.
There's always more than one egg. Did she not lay any in the hole?

here is a common occurance: Female digs a nest, lays a few eggs, but that's it. She cannot pass the rest. Female dies eggbound, but NOT from egg-binding (when the eggs are stuck together).

This happens more often when the animals develop eggs at a young age - either mated young or grown fast. Their intestines are entangled around their oviducts, preventing the passage of the majority of the eggs. It SEEMS to happen more frequently among animals that are mated very young, as opposed to animals that aren't bred until around 12 months.
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