Franklin jr kids

I want to see other pictures!


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Here is a better pic.

with a diet coke 4 scale! more like 6.5 months btw


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April 16th, Curt called me within an hour of me receiving him, is he awesome or what? When did u receive ur little one?
Sniper here is a product of Frank Jr. He is 6.5 month now and at 47.5 grams!
I agree that curt is super awesome. He is always ready and willing to help!

Nice who is the dames sire
do you think he is going to stay red bar

I have no Idea what im talking about. please ignore my chameleons made up sires lol.

I bought my Sniper from epic chameleons and from what I thought I had bought a baby from Frank Jr. I Think his bars will stay red and his body will be green. However I wish I got Franks blues like so many on here have. I guess only time will tell what his true colors will be like!
Loki is one good looker, a female from the 14k bloodline of chameleons 101.

I got Loki on June 8th curt gave him to someone else thinking it was a girl and when they found out it was a boy so they sold him to me. Id almost say ours were from the same clutch but I'm not sure. What is the dames name ?
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