Fractal's "Guickening" & escape


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After the vet, the antibiotics, sucessful healing and the wonderful days in the sun, peeling off the last of the last shed to reveal a beautiful turquoise Fractal. He had an alertness and a strenth in his grip I'd never felt before. I put him in the 3' ficus I'd gotten him for his new cage I was finishing building for him on Saturday. I turned my back what couldn't have been a whole minute. I heard the rustle of the leaves and thought nothing of it. But hating to be held, he saw his chance to escape and he took it. I have searched for him day and night since. Gone through two flashlight's batteries, staying up all hours. I've driven myself sick with a cold from it. Alas, my Fractal has run away to join the circus. :{ I am devestated, looking at the beautiful new cage I've built him to specification, that he never even got to use. I hope he's ok and that the bearded lady or the clowns take good care of him. :{
sorry about that, i take my guys on my terrace in the summer and these 'slow' reptiles disappear in a minute but keep in mind while in there cage it sometimes takes me a while to 'spot' them all the while they are right in front of my eyes, the can blend in so well and then into a giant backyard. you need to go over the backyard with a fine tooth comb, realize he can be right in front of you!! good luck
OH NO! I wish we could all come over and do a hunt for Fractal.. :(

I do hope he turns up.. could you maybe put a bucket of crickets and such out to see if he heads towards it during the day?
DrewNYC wrote: you need to go over the backyard with a fine tooth comb, realize he can be right in front of you!!

I have fine tooth combed myself into a sick bed... so to speak. (cough cough) And funny you should mention his ability to "chameleon" himself right in front of me. I'm going so berserk over this, I'm seeing him where leaves just look like a chameleon. Thank you for the luck wish. And what a dummy am I to have underestimated his quickness. They can really make tracks when they want to, can't they? lol I hope he's enjoying "the circus."
Hey Fauna,
Do you know of any good reptile stores in the bay area? I live near stockton and can't find anything good around here. But I'm around San Francisco and San Jose alot. Also, have you been to that reptile convention they have every year in San Jose? I've seen some pics of it on the web and can't wait to go to one.
I highly recommend the East Bay Vivarium in Berkeley on the corner of Hearst and 5th. Carlos, the owner is a real gem of a businessman and the care and caging is top rate. I've not heard anything bad. Guess I'm about due for another visit too.
AS far as the San Jose convention, I've not been to that one. But I expect the same crowd there as the Petaluma venue, which I have attended. I like the opportunities you have at the cons the you don't get in the stores. If you find out the time, announce it here so I can possibly go too. :D

Thanx guys, about Fractal. No sign of him yet. I can only hope that his freedom is exhilerating for him.
Try looking at night with a flashlight. Their colors are often lighter then and they stand out more.

I hope you find your chameleon!
Kinyonga... I have been... Gone through 3 flashlights now/batteries. Got myself a sore throat I spend so much time at it. Last night, it got frightfully cold. (weather change) And today it's cloudy and cold. Poor guy.... ;{
Try the East Bay Vivarium in Berkeley!

I highly recommend that you go to the above Reptile Store located in the Bay Area if you are familar with Berkeley! Huge assortment of very healthy Reptiles housed in appropriate type and size cages(Check out their Panthers!!) and they offer a wide array of reptile supplies and bulbs.
East Bat Vivarium
1827 5th St.
Berkeley, CA

(510) 841-1400

I don't live in the Bay Area anymore but when I go up and visit my parents still living in Oakland, I always make a trip to this Reptile Store just to see their Chameleon display!!

Similar Experience

I Have Had The Similar Thing Happen To Me. You Have To Be Patient And You Have To Think Like A Chameleon. He Will Climb Up As Far As Possible Until It Reaches Direct Sunlight. They Will 9 Out Of 10 Times Stay There During The Night. Night Is The Best Time To Look. They Relax And Turn A Pale Shade Of Green When They Sleep Different Color Then The Plant And Easier To Spot So Check The Tops Of The Highest Trees , Bushes , Plants Of Any Sort During The Night Looking Down From The Top. I Once Had A Hatchling Dissapear For 10 Weeks And When I Found Her She Was 6 Inches. I Did Have To Climb Up On The Roof Of A 2nd Story Appartment I Lived In But That's What It Took. So Don't Give Up But Do Try To Be Optimistic. They Are Survivors And Most Birds Miss Them Completely. They Thrive In The Wild So Keep Your Head Up. One Things For Certain If You Replace It You Will Then Find It. Murphy's Law. My Dilemma Now Is Fighting Off The Ferocious Roadrunners In The Desert I Now Live In And They Have Claimed One Entire Chameleon And The Tail Off Another So It Does Get Worse.
Desert Dave: Quote: I Once Had A Hatchling Dissapear For 10 Weeks And When I Found Her She Was 6 Inches.
Nice story. I fear the weather here is too severe. 50's and 40's at night. Also... funny you should mention the birds. I cringe when I here the crows around here.
I know about the pleasant green and am literally sick from all this. I think I need antibiotics now. I have not given up on Fractal. He was already a foot long... imagine... lol
How are the road runners getting to your chams? And so sorry to hear your guy got killed ant the other's tail.... poor thing. :{
I do want to replace Fractal quick then if that's what it takes to get him back. Maybe I should get him a girlfriend? <G>
Maybe before you get a new cham, you should wait and see what happens about the landlord deal. That way if they come to inspect your apartment you can just say you got rid of the cham already. Then wait until everything is calmed down before you get another one.
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