Four horned chameleon


Hi, does anyone have any good information or pictures of Chamaeleo quadricornis? I love these but cant seem to find any info about them.

All I can say is wow! That is without a doubt the most beautiful chameleon I have ever seen, I cant get over the colors! Thanks for the link, I think I may spend some time just staring at that :D
That first pic is a really unhappy or displaying quad. Normally the colors will be less extreme, mostly green background. IMO, quads are one of the coolest species to work with (that are still imported.) Beautiful, relatively hardy, some can be quite personable, and of decent size. Big males with 6 or 8 horns are truly impressive. They like it cool with lots of misting and are not too difficult to breed although eggs must be kept cool. The incubation time is one of the shortest of all the true chameleons and the hatchlings are larger too. Haha, need any more reasons to try them? stickpoke.gif
Hello he is my male quad,and doing very well.his colours in the pictures are a display to a female and he was not "unhappy" belive me as he got his leg over :D,quadricornis unhappy colours are a dark almost black colour with light specs of gold/yellow
Hi, poor choice of words on my part if you felt I was implying he wasn't being cared for properly. I meant that he was either displaying at another male (unhappy) or at a female (happy). Got any eggs from them?
Thanks for all the info guys, I cant believe how beautiful they are in all their different colors that they have.

Good luck with the breeding TreelionsUK, hope you get lots of little ones:)
cheers guys! i have had 17 eggs for this pair have been incubating for 3 months,was a bit dissapointed as i checked them yesterday and one looks like it has died:( i hope all the others will be ok
Noooo Luke, none must die:(
I hope all the others do well. After reading one of the replys on this thread I recon your babies could be here sooner than you thought (one of the shortest incubation times for true chameleons he said).
I am glad everyone is backing me up on how beautiful that male Quad is as Luke prefers Panthers and nearly sold Winston!!:rolleyes:
My female just laid 17 more! From one mating i didnt allow them to mate so im a bit spooked,ive had this with panthers but i am really suprized to find this with the quadricornis:confused:
to the left in the picture is the first group of egg and have been in incubation for 2.5 months,sadly i have lost 2 eggs for some reason?
but the rest are fine and looking like they will sweat soon.
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