Found this post of someone pleading for help.. thought id see if anyone has suggestions.


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Hi there ! I've had Sam for about 1/ 12 years ... so she's approx 2 years old I’m hoping for is someone who can get her healthy again.. she deserves a better life and I can’t afford to take her again as it gets pricey, as you probably know... She has had the infection for about five - six months and I took her to the vet near the beginning when the lumps were small and she lost had a few dots on her. The vet gave her: -Betadine rinse -Clavamox drops I gave her the clavamox orally for ten days and rinsed her twice a day with the betadine for the same amount of time... Unfortunately these drugs didn’t seem to have any effect on her infection..
She's still eating and drinking and otherwise seems healthy and has energy! But she has grey ish spots on her body, a large white/ slightly elevated spot on her tail and two very large lumps that have scabbed right above her arm.
let me know if you have any suggestions to get the lizard on the mend!
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