Found a stick; redid entire cage


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We recently had a random May snow storm which caused a bunch of trees to loose a lot of branches. Sad for trees, yay for me-s! I found the perfect branch for Pesto's tiney feetsies and redid his entire enclosure today. It looks a lot more natural than just having the oak dowels and I think he will like it a lot more!


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Fun stick! :D Good for little tootsies. I've been going foraging pretty much every time we have a good storm... found lots of goodies! Planning my build off one really nice stick and a stump at the moment haha!
I found an awesome stump/log in my uncles garden. Not sure if it's there purposefully or not, but when the time comes imma steal it :LOL:


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I see an awesome little stump out on strata land. I've been eyeing it for weeks and trying to decide if I can bust out my folding saw and steal it. :unsure: :LOL: I know pretty much exactly where I'd put it in my build, too... I waannnnnt it! :oops:


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It looks even better in the cage and him climbing it!!! Omg look how cute and tiny he is
He is sooooo little. And he did so good while I was cleaning/rearranging his cage! I put him in his travel bin with a big stick with a fake vine and leaves wrapped around it and had my sister in law sit with him. He climbed right out and onto her hand. He is gonna be quite the lady killer ;)
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