Force feeding?

Hillary anne

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As my chameleon heals he’s eaten one cricket the last two weeks. I have called the vet and am pending a drop off appointment if he has blood from his vent. (He has pooped again and it was a normal color, his urates are white and no trail the last two days)

Anyways, I was watching some videos on force feeding super worms. I don’t want to stress him out if not necessary but also i am unsure how long a hunger strike can last and when I am supposed to step in. I called the vet and asked if there is a supplement they can prescribe for me to feed him and as awaiting on their response for that. Unfortunately they are slammed and not available until 4-5pm to respond.

I guess my main question is; how long can a hunger strike last? If eating one cricket a few days ago, pooping it out- is that sustainable?

Thanks. it’s been a hell of a last three weeks of in and out of the vet.


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There is a product called Carnivore Care that your vet can prescribe but insects are a better diet if you can sneak them in. The CC has animal proteins and can cause problems if used long term. Short term it is a fine product.
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