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Well, force feeding isn't the most accurate description of what I am doing but I don't know what else to call it...

4 month old veiled has been poorly with URI which is now receding but it has left him so weak he cannot hunt for himself. I have been crushing locusts with small amount of water to make a very runny soup and then dripping it from a syringe into his mouth.

The problem is that he is so small and weak I cannot force him to open his mouth as he gets so stressed out so I have been misting him with warm water until he opens his mouth and then dripping little bits in. This isn't really getting much into him and I wondered if anyone gas any tips? Also, I have got some large mealworms today and doing the same thing but does anyone have suggestions for a nutritious 'recipe'? I am removing the continuous exoskeleton before I feed it, it is basically a watery mixture so as not to choke, but I also know he is too small to he able to digest the outside of the mealworms anyway.

Thanks for ant yelp you can all give
You might want to try flukers "Repta-Boost" carnivore formula. They sell it at petsmart and other pet shops that would have reptile stuff. It's just a powder that you mix with water to create a paste, it comes with a syringe to admister it with. Basically, it is like a concentrated meal replacement. I used it once to bring my panther out of a slump of lethargy and decreased appetite when I first got him, the next day he was bright eyed, bushy tailed, and hungry for crickets.
Being in the UK you can get a product called Critical Care. .I think the best place to get it is your vet or on line. Your vet may give you a small amount . If you have to buy it , don't get too much as it doesn't have a long shelf life. It's made by Vetark.
Being that it's still baby veiled you can also use veggie baby foods for a bit....or look up the Susan James/Lopez "slurry". Whatever you use be careful not to get any into the lungs.
Thanks for the advice guys, I will get some of this. Main problem now is how to get him to eat enough to build his strength up. At the moment I am only able to get him to take tiny amounts as he refuses to open his mouth and I am trying to feed him in the least stressful way possible. Any tips on how to get him to open his mouth? I have tried all sorts.
It's quite difficult with a baby. Heve you tried putting a very little pressure on either side of his mouth at his cheeks? I have read that it will open if you place a credit card between his lips.:)
some joy

I am so happy!!! Today little Sal made a conscious effort to come and feed from the syringe. As soon as I opened his viv he opened his mouth and came towards my hand and turned spotty like he used to do when he went for a drink. He opened his mouth and reached for the syringe and had a good amount of feed and then did this again this afternoon and he immediately looks better and less skinny.

I have also put his viv outside for a couple of hours today because we have actually had some sunshine in the UK for once today and although I can't say he had a whale of a time he looks much more of a nice green colour and less bony than he has done for some time.

I don't want to get too excited but I am feeling a lot more optimistic than I have done for the last couple of weeks. I just hope he continues the same tomorrow. Maybe he just likes the taste of the mealworm soup more than the locusts soup he was eating up to now, I don't know... I'll keep you posted and thankyou for all advice.
Aah that sounds good. Keep up the good work. Do you think he is getting stronger? Perhaps he will catch a few for himself in the coming week. It's good he has been outside. Weather been good in Aberdeen today. Popeye out for about an hour.:)
Thanks Kate, he is looking much stronger and he 'fed' again from the syringe this afternoon. Seems like he now understands what it is. He is much nicer green colour and his eyes look bbrighter and he is moving around a lot more. Still looks miserable but I think thats just the face he was born with!

He has shown a bit of interest when I've put small hoppers in with him but still think it's early days and I dont want to get my hopes up too much because he was looking really close to dying during the last week or two. However, it is amazing what some time relaxing in the sun on a bank holiday can do for any of us!

Cant believe you've had sun in Aberdeen too, what is the world coming to?

I will post an update again soon, hopefully more good news and will stick some photos on when he's feeling a bit more photogenic...
You have done great getting him to where he is now.:) Temps have been good here today again but I have just done a 12 hr shift so didn't see much of it.:( Hoping for a good day tomorrow so I can get my boy out.:)
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