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I recently found myself victim to younger, high school kids with seniority, taking my work shifts, now that school is out, thus leaving me without my only current source of income. As I'm sure most of you can relate; Bills much be paid, Creditors satisfied, and more importantly my chameleons fed.

I am offering myself as a web designer, webmaster, coder, graphic design etc. I have built many websites for friends, family and personal. I have worked for the government managing intranet sites for a Tax Revenue Division. I use HTML to build user friendly websites, that are appealing to the eyes with clean modern appearances.

The last website I did was for a company called "Everything Under the Sun", a Pet store that focuses on reptiles, fish and rare exotics. You can visit the website at The website is 90% completed and awaiting a later date when a photo shoot will do made to finish the remaining flash elements. (The photo of the amazon blue parrot will cycle through a gallery.) The logo also will be replaced with an updated design.

Other websites will be provided upon request.

If you have an existing website, I can update it, remodel it, or do all the webmaster work as well. If you are interested in finding out more, what I can do for you, please contact me through Private messages, or preferred email: [email protected]

Thank you kindly for reading.

See you in the Chat,
Will Hayward
[email protected]
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