should i mix up my 1 1/2 year old jacksons chameleons diet more, with waxworms as a treat and hornworms or silkworms? and if so how often should i feed him silkworms ect.?


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Silks can be fed daily if you wish.
Horns are primarily water, so not a lot of nutrition. but great for hydration.

Waxworms are fatty, so those are treats.

I like to use crickets as a staple, with roaches thrown in (for the few who eat it) and silkworms.

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There's only 3 food items my Jackson will eat:

Blue bottle flies

Crickets are the staples and i gutload them. Flies i dust and offer weekly. I find that they are a great way of getting powdered vitamins into a cham as he eats them immediately whereas with crickets, they tend to dust the powder off themselves after a short time if not eaten right away. Waxwoms i also dust but give it to him occasionally.
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