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Would you guys say its a good idea to give 1 certain food type per week...for instance since i got my chameleon i've only been feeding DUBIAS and hornworms...but now i got some supers so im feeding those. So my question is could every week i just feed one type of insect then the following week switch to the next....and would this provide my chameleon with a steady diet? I really dont think im going to involve crickets....and my cham doesnt seem to i plan to feed, dubias, hornworms, superworms, butterworms, and hawk moths. I know hornworms are more of a treat so those i would only stick to like 2-3 a week and the ones that i dont get to feed i will let pupate and then feed as moths...
cause then i'd have to keep a weeks worth of crickets in my house.....with all of the horror stories i've read on this forum about crickets and just the facts that they are noisy and jump out of the feeding cup and hide/die i rather
I offer 2 to 3 different feeders daily to most of my chameleons at the moment. The problem with doing only one type for extended periods, is your chameleon is more likely to start refusing to eat some of the other (more healthy bugs) bugs.

Right Now I do:
Dubias and Crickets Daily
Hornedworms (for my Adult Male Panther twice a week)
Superworms (twice a week to all the larger chameleons)

I am also working on getting a colony of Red Racers going to add to the food mix for the big guys.
As for the noisy, if you go with medium instead of large they won't make the noise. Cham Nation told me that by medium size their stomachs are as big as they will get, so can be gutloaded just as much as the large ones, but it saves you the noise. Seemed brilliant to me. (always did seem strange hearing "camping noises" in the middle of winter, lol)
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