Food/Feeder Suppliers in Maui?


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Does anyone know of suppliers on Maui? I have a female Jackson (Steven) and she just isn't interested in mealworms or crickets. Those are the only two feeders that the pet stores (The Pet Shop, PetCo, etc) around here seem to carry.

I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow because I'm concerned about her lack of eating and being a bit lethargic, but moving forward, I really would like to find a local source for blue bottles, superworms, hornworms, etc if possible. I don't want to order a bunch of things to be shipped (shipping is expensive to Hawaii) from different places before I know what she might be willing to eat. Thanks!
There are limited choices on the island for a reason. Most mainland insects are illegal on the island and HUGE fines for shipping such items. No good company will ship there, your imports are screened more then anywhere else. You will get caught, just a heads up.
I was at a pet store on Maui a few years ago...somewhere between the airport and the main docks...they were feeding there Jacksons silkworms!!! Can't remember the name of the shop though...
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