Fluorescent Tubes and Misting Systems is this a hazard???


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Hey Guys

OK I am still on the hunt for the perfect fluorescent tube set up. Right now I am still running an externally ballasted MVB kit from reptileuv.com so there is no rush.

After doing research on different fixtures and hoods one question has come across my mind. What if a fluo tube kits a slight mist?

What I mean is you set a hood (like ESU combo or Aquarium style) up on top of a screen cage so it is actually resting on the cage (this is the only way I can get a Repti 5.0 to put out enough UVB at the basking spot) right?

What is the mist from a misting system (I am running a mist king setup) comes in contact with the bulb or fixture? This is electrocution territory right? Anyone ever had this issue??


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This will sound bad, but, both of my 24" fluorescent bulbs get misted a little bit here and there. Nothing has happened. Maybe they don't get hot enough...?
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