Fluker's reptiaid


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I have a newly acquired baby veiled chameleon, which I rescued from Pet's mart.
He seems to be in good health, and is eating.

However, he seems a little skinny to me, is it normal to be able to see his ribs?

I am taking him to the vet next week to get him checked out

I was thinking about giving him some Fluker's Repti aid in the mean time- just to be on the safe side.

Does anyone know if this is safe for chameleons?
any help would be apprechiated

well all the baby vieleds i have seen i was able to see their ribs including the one i bought but it taking him to the vet would be better just to make sure...
I have used it for very sick chameleons and like it. I wouldn't feed it to a healthy chameleon, though. Force feeding is stressful for chameleons, and should only be done when there simply isn't any other choice.

I was thinking about just dripping a little on his nose and seeing if he will just lap it up.

has anyone had any success with this?

my anoles love it.
why not just let him eat normally? if you provide him with good foods (healthy/gutloaded insects) he will put on the weight he needs naturally.
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