Fluker's good for gut load?


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Fluker's sells a product called High Calcium Cricket Diet, which says it provides a vitamin/mineral gut load for my pet. It says that it adds a nutrient rich gut content to the cricket's protein. Would this be sufficient for a chameleon? It seems it would be a lot easier than changing gut load foods every couple days. Any ideas on this?
I use Bug Burger. You can cook it to make a firm gel-like food but I use mine dry. The crickets seem to like the dry better. I use water gel for moisture and add fruits and veggies every couple of days. There is also Cricket Crack which is a great gut load.
Both my veiled and beardie eat fruits and veggies so I make up a batch every couple of days and divide it between the lizards and crickets. I also put greens in with my worms and they eat it up.

From what I have learned the Fluker's is not a good option for a gut load.

PS I buy frozen fruits/veggies and just let them thaw. I also use fresh greens and other fruits.

I use: apples, strawberries, raspberries, carrots (cooked), bananas, butternut squash(cooked), fresh collard greens, etc.

Hope this helps:)
Ive been using Flukers, many on the forum here think its terrible, but my cricket colony is fat and my chams are healthy. Still, I only buy it when its on sale. Usually, since I have fruit trees that overflow, I just drop in whatever is in season. Right now for example, my crickets are on a diet of peaches and apples and some left over Flukers orange cubes. Hehe, if you find the Flukers cheap, I wouldnt turn my nose up at it. Its decent stuff; we are feeding crickets here after all! They dont need gourmet gut-load. Alternate your bugs from roaches to superworms, to crickets and isopods.
I've got peaches and plumbs too,. any idea how to make them last other than freezing?
I would not rely on the Flukers product if you want long-lived healthy chameleons.

Peaches are high in goitrogens, especially the Skin – peel and remove pit before offering as gutload
No nothing but bad reviews on this stuff, you just can't beat doing your own gutload. You can make enough and freeze most of it and make it last for months.

Here's Sandra's
good info on gutloading:

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