Flowering Plants?

I am still preparing for my Chameleon and learning more everyday. Currently, I have a Mass Cane Plant with a Golden Pothos in the bottom of the pot. I am going to wash it off good and get it re-potted with organic potting soil soon. In my honest opinion, my Cane Plant could be healthier, but I know Lowe's was drowning the poor thing.

I know there are many plants I can put in my Chameleon's enclosure, but I'd like to know some of you're favorite, bushy, flowering plants that don't require large amounts of light. I want to get a Hibiscus but I will most likely kill it. So what do y'all recommend?


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It all depends on the light you’re willing to give it. Running a quad fixture, three of which are the t5 led conversion lamps will blast quite a bit of light.


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It is probably easier if you are looking for a pop of color to go with colored foliage. Croton and tradescantia varieties (wandering jew) can have yellows, reds, purples and pinks.
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