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I want to get flies for my chams but I have a few questions before I proceed. If I order them online, will they be in the larvae stage or will they be ready to eat? Will they have wings or are they flightless? Do I just toss a few into the cage? I see that a lot of insects need to be raised before feeding and I can't commit myself to doing that because of time and mostly parental purposes =/ What are some easy alternatives to worms and crickets?
You can buy them as pupae and toss them in the cage and let them hatch. There is nothing wrong with giving your guys variety.
You can buy them as larvae or pupae. Either way you want to wait till they pupate then you can just throw the pupae into the cage and wait until they emerge and then you will have flies in the cage and you wont have to deal with trying to capture adult flies and risk them getting out. As for care of them i have no idea what to do so i would probably just buy pupae to save the hassle
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