fisheri - Identification / does he look healthy?


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Hi. I have opportunity to get what I believe is a wc Fischers chameleon. Trying very hard not to impulse buy! Before I go for it, I need some help.

1 - identification: is this a fisheri / Fischers chameleon? The seller (pet shop that does a lot of exotics, but not usually chams) knows nothing, so this is just my guess. if so, what subspecies? Is it male? age estimate?

2 - can you point me to a reliable care sheet or can you hit me with the highlights / important things to know off the top (temp, humidity, cage space/size requirements, life space, activity level, branch/plant needs, prey preferences/foibles).
I have an empty cage that is 4 foot wide, 4 foot high, 2foot deep. Is this adequate? I cannot free-range. My preference is to keep this chameleon in the same room as my frogs and other chameleons. Room does not typically go below 65F or above 85F. My experience is limited to panthers, and only recently a veiled, so particular differences in care (and personality) would be good to be aware of.

3 - what is the going rate/cost for these animals?

4 - is there any chance its captive bred? If more likely wc, any particular things to be concerned about (legality, particular parasite issues, common import issues)

5 - does it look reasonably healthy? Is that the normal colouration? My vet has never worked with this type of cham either, as far as she can tell from photo.

thank you - I appreciate any and all input.
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To me it looks like a WC female K. multituberculata. The cage type you described and temps are perfect. I have a pair of them and they are active chameleons. They seem to be an easier to keep species if they come in not too malnourished/dehydrated. I would say the average price is around $50-100 per animal. They are perfectly legal to keep/import/export. As far as the color goes, it looks more yellow then Im used to seeing for this species unless it was over heated, but otherwise looks to be in really good shape.
Was this the only one they had? It would be much easier if I had a picture of more of them if they had any that is.

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I agree that it is a Kinyongia multituberculata based on the dorsal crest, patterns and the shape of the rostrals. That said, it looks to me like it could be a young male as the rostrals are a little long and evenly rounded than you typically see in females.

He looks pretty healthy and your proposed setup sounds fine. Here is a good caresheet on them:

As for legality, technically all K. multituberculata that have been imported as K. fischeri since CITES adopted the taxonomic split of K. fischeri in 2010 at CoP15 are illegal, as this in effect is mislabeling the species declared on the CITES document. The issue is that the Tanzanian export quotas for K. fischeri were, at least in my opinion and interpretation, intended for the taxa previously considered and exported as K. fischeri, not true K. fischeri. Tanzania has just failed to adjust their quotas to reflect the CITES adopted naming convention. At any rate, you wouldn't get into any trouble for purchasing this animal, and like I mentioned, their import is in line with that I would call the intent of the Tanzanian management authority, but Tanzania just hasn't caught up with CITES, so technically their legality could be called into question at import.



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thank you ! for the above and for the pm's also :)

The only thing holding me back right now is water (I have no auto-system, I hand mist and use simple drippers), and time. My husband reminds me I'm supposed to be reducing my pet responsibilities, not adding (yet I recently added a veiled, and several frogs).
I might get him anyways. :)


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update: went to see the animal. they were asking $180. One eye didn't look good. Had a bad feeling. Listened to the gut instinct and didn't buy him.:(

still appreciate the input I got. I'll be keeping eyes open for others in the future.
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