Fiscus benjamina - Good for the Chameleon??


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I have seen much discussion on here about fiscus benjamina being bad for the chameleons. I have found a papers that talks about the plant in relation to chameleons, so hopefully this will prokoke some good discussion on the topic :):

Paper 1: " Allergic Contact urticaria caused by a chameleon. Expression of sensitization to Fiscus benjamina " (Sesztak-Greinecker et al., 2005) (Chamaeleo calyptratus)

This paper basically says that contact with a chameleon exposed to Fiscus benjamina caused allergic reactions in the human owner (found to occur in a relatively low number of patients if at all).

Therefore, is it just the human reaction to the plant that causes the bad press about the use of Fiscus benjamina???

Has anyone got any papers or research that talks specifically about how chameleons react to the plant???
Also, just to add, i have a female C. calyptratus calcarifer, 8 months old, who always eats the new buds and shoots. She is healthy and happy :)
Neither My 2 yr male nor young female had have any adverse reaction to various ficus cultivars, either from ingestion nor proximity.
I'd be most interested in what the most common plant species in yemen that veileds are found in? Im guessing Accacias are one, anybody?
It's complete bullshit or let's say it nicer: the exception to the rule. I have kept over 20 species, all with Ficus and I never got any problems....
If you are wary about the possibility, just make sure to let the sap dries overnight anytime you feel the need to prune your ficus.
Other than that, I see nothing wrong with ficus benjamina. Other tree that might catch your interest is Ficus Alii.
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