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Hello guys,

First time chamelion owner here. Just wanted to post some pictures of my current cage setup and was hoping to get some advice if I should change anything. I have a young ambilobe panther chamelion that came in a couple days ago.

I went with the reptibreeze extra large cage 2x2x4 feet. I have a Acadia 12% UVB light in the middle as they did not have 5%. Currently it is about 6-7 inches away from his highest branch. For the basking spot I have a 250w ceramic heater attached to a dimming thermostat 83-90f during the day and 75f at night on his basking spot. I have the monsoon misting system that goes off every 4 hours for 120 seconds and a humidifier I put on overnight.

The cage has all live plants and I noticed the plants at the bottom where being shaded from the plants uptop so I added another t5 plant light at the front end and a exoterra plant skylight at the back.

Thank you for your input. 😁👍


The sire:

The little guy:

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Lets see here...
good job on the ceramic and dimmer "IF" the cham uses it. He may require a bit of trial and error at first to find the heat spot. I would not have it on at night, as you want night to be below 70f if you can.

The 12% bulb is also fine, but needs to be a lot more elevated. The top of the chameleon head should be at least 12"-16" away from the bulb. So you may just be able to raise the hood 6-8" above the cage.

Make sure any "moss" on the vines is real and not foam. They will get nom nom'd.

Finally your misting sched is kinda based on the chams personality. He may want 5 min in the morning and 5min an hour before sleeping stick time. Some will take eye ball baths in the mist, others hide till the rain is over, then come out to drink. For me, i soak for 4 min before the lights even come on, its my alarm clock. The key is to not mist till the cage dries out, so you dont get mold.
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