First Chameleon age


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Hi, I'm getting ready to buy my first chameleon(veiled), and I would like to have one since it is kind of young, not a baby ,but young. This is my first time, so I wanted to ask if it is safer to buy one that's already a bit older, I've got someone who would sell me a juvenile one that's already about 7 inches in length ,and another guy that has some that are a month and a couple of days old. Now this is not the decisive factor , but still a factor, that guy sells the 7 in chameleon at the double of the price of the "month and some days" chameleon, I think both are in good health.
And while I'm on it, I've bought an exo-terra hydrometer (I didn't find something digital), and it's always at about 80 in my room, now either my room is very humid (it kind of is, I've gotten mold growing sometimes in my closet) or the hydrometer is wrong.
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