Fire hazard??


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So I realized that my cham (whos cage is in my room) might have difficulty sleeping when I am up and about with the lights on at night. I've only had him for less than a week so I'm still learning lol. So I was gonna cover the cage with a black sheet at night but I was concerned that if his lights came on a few hours before I wake up if there is risk of fire due to the heat lamp getting hot right on the sheet. Any thoughts??
Yeah, bit risky, maybe you could just pin it to sides somehow, away from the lighting? :)
Stay safe!

I was thinking about getting a small sheet and cutting a hole outta the top as to not touch any parts o the heat lamp. What do you think?
have you thought about either buying a telescoping lamp, one that can be raised and lowered when in use and not so that when u turn off the light u raise the lamp off of the cage and then place the sheet over it while he sleeps then when you wake up, u remove the sheet and lower the lamp back into basking position.
I use a towel that I wrap around the sides of the cage. If you have a screen cage, it would be a simple matter to attach hooks facing OUT to hold the towel. That way, if the lights come on, there's no fabric on top to be a concern. Note that one side of my cage is blocked by a coroplast barrier (because eventually there will be another cage there). So, it might take two towels. Or, you could get fabric sized for your cage.
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