Finger/nail infection


Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Jackson Chameleon, Female, Been in my care for a year and was told was a could months old at the time purchased.
Handling - Once a month
Feeding - Crickets, daily, 5-10. Gutloaded with Repashy and cricket crack.
Supplements - Dusting REPTICAL W/O D3 everyday. With D3 once a month. Miner-All once a month
Watering - Misting 3 times daily. Morning, Midday, evening. Little dripper on constantly daily. I do see her drink.
Fecal Description - Brown and Urate is yellow white.No parasite testing.
History - No previous illness other than when i first purchased her. Her nail looked infected. Pet Smart Cauterized it and advised it would grow back.
Cage Info:
Cage Type - Screen, 3x1
Lighting - 1 reptiglow 5.0, 2 reptisun 5.0, 1 70watt basking by zoomed. 6am-7pm
Temperature - Top is 85 , bottom is 70 deg. Lowest overnight temp 50-60. 2 zoomed gauges are used for measurement
Humidity - top humid 50-70, bottom humid is 60-80.
Plants - Pothos, and the money tree
Placement - Next to window for proper ventilation, no traffic. about 3.5 feet off the ground on desk.
Location - Glendale, CA. (Moderate Tempts in high to low 70s.)

Current Problem - So I had rescued this Female Jackson Cham from Pet Smart a year ago. When I was first introduced to her it looked as though she had an infection already and her nail was crooked. After speaking to Pet Smart associates i let them know that i am willing to take her into my care because they clearly were not doing a good job. I asked about the nail and the vet provided by Pet Smart did confirm it was indeed infected so the cauterized her nail, cleaned the infection(so i presumed) and advised me her nail should grow back. Long story short, it never did and has looked like this in the past week. I am worried. I know she is definitely in need of medical attention.


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My Jackson lost some of his nails too and it doesn't look like that. Yours look like they're getting swollen. I'd go to the vet to make sure its not an infection. Better safe then sorry but you should dust with calcium twice a week instead of everyday. Hope she alright
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