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So I finally was successful in hatching some baby crickets, it has taken several months and several attempts but it finally paid off today. I’m sooooooo excited!!! This is one small step for chameleon keepers and one giant leap for Clayton! Lol hopefully this a little closer to not having to buy feeders as much. I want to thank EVERYONE here on the forums that has mentored me through this. I love this place. 95B41D05-2D70-47D2-B670-39EA6DFF9BD4.jpeg36A6516F-0205-4F76-A4DB-AB280036314C.jpeg49033789-C54A-4901-8430-BC042AD0E875.jpeg


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Thanks @AmandaS , my setup that finally got some to hatch was 2 1/2 cups of vermiculite and 3/4 cups of water ( I got that from josh’s frogs YouTube video). I left the container of vermiculite in my cricket cage for 9 days and while it was in there I would randomly mist it with water ( about 4 sprays from a hand spray bottle) to keep it moist. Once I took the container of vermiculite out I placed a napkin over half the container and put the lid on ( just like the josh’s frogs YouTube video said to do). Then I placed it on the shelf of my spare bedroom closet and just let it sit. I’m not sure how long it was there I wish I would’ve put the date on the container!! Next time I will do that. But it was definitely more than a month and maybe closer to 2 months. The weekend before they hatched I was gonna throw it away because it was starting to mold inside the container, good thing I didn’t lol. Anyways keep trying and you will get it eventually.


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I watched that same video. Ill follow your steps. I used soil instead of playsand or vermiculite. Although I have a huge ass bag of vermiculite. Ill try that. Thanks for the tips!


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After your post, I went and watched the Josh's frogs cricket breeding video and success! It only took about 2 weeks for my eggs to hatch at about 86-87 degrees. I have hundreds of baby crickets now. Last time I had success, they all died, I'm guessing because it wasn't right temp/humidity. So far so good with this batch, I'm being better about keeping temperatures and humidity up.
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