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After going back and forth about deciding what species and what cage and whatnot to get for a potential chameleon I’ve decided to put a stop to it. I’ve been stressing out about it far too much about it. I’ve just decided to stop researching and not get a chameleon at all. I probably won’t be around the forums as much for obvious reasons. Thank you to everyone who taught me on my chameleon keeping journey, as short as it was.


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Hi Sweet heart... I don't think it is something you should give up on... But perhaps wait until you are older. Don't stop learning. One thing life has taught me that at your young age you have not learned yet... We have but a small fraction of time here and at any moment it could be over so live life fully. Following your passions is important. Knowledge is free so soak it up in every aspect of your life. What hurts us today makes us stronger tomorrow.

So basically what my old self is saying.... life is short and never give up on something you love. Good luck to you on your journey. May your life be one of beauty and love and I hope you will reflect that on to others.
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I respect your decision. I wanted chameleons when I was younger but I didn't have my own house yet. I waited until I was in a position to have them with out worrying about my roommates pets or having to move them.
I wouldn't entirely give up but there is nothing wrong in waiting for the right time.
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