Ficus pumila: Any Concerns?


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I am in the early stages of planning an enclosure remodel for my two year old panther chameleon, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. I have some creeping fig (Ficus pumila) left over from another project, and I think it would look good climbing up the vivarium backdrop.

From my cursory search I think it's safe to use - I've seen a couple posts recommending it, and one warning against it because it's toxic if ingested by mammalian pets. My chameleon has never taken a bite of foliage. I've been cutting a fair amount of creeping fig recently, and it doesn't seem to ooze sap like the trees. has it on the general list of reptile safe plant species.

Does anyone have experience with Ficus pumila or a reason why I shouldn't be using it?
It’s fine but not a stable vine if your cham tries to climb it. It’d only be for aesthetics
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