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So... I've been looking in getting a female veiled to go along with my male veiled o
- future project. I am aware that females can and will lay infertile eggs without a male. So I'm looking into building a enclosure that will fit her needs. So this is what I'm thinking... like always suggestions and opinions are greatly appreciated!

Here's the ideal:
Dimensions: Enclosure 25"x36"x50", base 25x40x20, Light enclosure 25x40x12

Enclosure planted with 3 umbrella trees, 2 ficus, hibiscus, and 2 pothos. It will have a laying bin.

Base will have drainage and the removable laying bin.

So my question is: if she happens to lay fertile eggs in one of the potted plants and I don't find all of them... would the eggs be ok? I wouldn't do it intentionally, but it happens I'm sure.

So let me know what you guys think :)
That's gonna be a huge house :)

You need a laying bin at least a foot wide and deep. You can go a little bigger (mine is 14inch square) but do t go too big or the little lady will dig a really really big tunnel which will be more tiring for her. Here's a great blog about laying bins https://www.chameleonforums.com/blogs/jannb/345-egg-laying-laying-bin.html

That's a lot of plants :) I don't know if the pots would be big enough for her to lay in if there's going to be so many but you should leave the laying bin in at all times when she reaches sexual maturity as they can lay eggs once every 3-4 months if they are that way enclined. I keep my girl on the low food low temp basis but she's still laying a clutch of 40+ every 5 months.

Remember to put drainage in the laying bin, otherwise it will turn into a swamp! I drilled holes in the bottom of the planter and put a layer of pea gravel on the bottom and filled it with a sand Eco earth mix and it holds really well.

I have seen photos and stories about eggs laid in plant pots and nobody knew they were there until tiny chameleons started hatching out of the plant pot! So yes the eggs could survive but I'm not sure if the baby would stand a chance for very long in the enclosure as the adult female would easily eat it.
:) thank you

After thinking about it... think my boys enclosure will be the same size. Also thinking about adding a free range area.
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