Female veiled acting strangely.


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Hey everyone.

I have had Sammi veiled for 5 months now. The pet store didn't tell me her age when I bought her but she would fit from the tip of my finger to the mid knuckle. Maybe she was a month or two?

Anyway, she has been hanging out on the bottom of the cage for the last few days. I thought this was a sign that she needs to lay eggs as I've read female veiled will do that. She will be a green with dark spots around her.


It seems whenever I mist her cage, she gets back on the branches and goes to the top of the enclosure, turns green and chills out there for an unknown length of time. She doesn't go in direct light of her basking bulb though.

From what I can see, I don't think she looks plump; she looks normal. Maybe I'm not seeing something?

I don't think she's getting too hot as her cage seems to be the same temperature every time I check.

Think she's just looking around for worms? I have a little rock-like fixture at the bottom of the cage that I put meal worms in. Maybe she's looking for some?
I was able to open the picture and am attaching it here.

Is that a current picture? If so, well, that's a discussion. If not, can we get one taken today.


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