Female vailed chameleon refuses to lay eggs. What can I do?


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So I have a 6 month old vailed chameleon I got her when she was 3 months old. I’ve done a ton of research about chameleons and I know she needs a laying bin 6 inches deep by 12 wide with wet play sand and I noticed yesterday she had an egg starting to come out while she was still high up in her enclosure this will be the first time she laid eggs an I made the mistake of trying to put her down in the laying bin and she immediately went back to the top of the enclosure and now it’s the next day she still hasn’t produced any eggs yet and I’m worried about her becoming egg bound. What should I do? She’s still eating and drinking fine.


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Hi and welcome. You’ve come to the right place. As for the lay bin, You want damp play sand, not wet. You want it to be able to hold a tunnel and not collapse. You also need to maybe cover the lower half of her cage with a light sheet to give her some privacy and leave her be. She may not feel safe enough to go lay her eggs if you’re constantly watching her. I assume her lay bin is in the bottom of her cage? Is the cage in a low traffic area? Can you post some pictures of her from the side and pictures of her cage?
It’s damp sorry wrong use or words. Just enough to hold a tunnel. But yes the bin is at the bottom of the cage but no her cage is in a high traffic area. So the sheet would be something I could try thanks!
@Lindasjackson gave great help! She needs absolute privacy to lay her eggs. If she sees anyone looking, she may stop her efforts and become egg bound. She knows the bin is there and when she feels safe enough, hopefully she’ll go to it and get started. You do want to keep a close eye on her though, but be very discrete. I made little peek holes in the sheet I use to cover my girls. If she doesn’t start digging, is lethargic, not basking/staying low in her enclosure, eyes closed during the day, etc you will need to get her to a vet experienced with chameleons ASAP.
Yes you want to give her privacy we had to put sheet up she was comfortable enough to use lay bin and I would only peak occasionally to see if she was ok
Did the egg come out of her?
Are you sure it was an egg?
What color was it?
No the egg didn’t come out it was only starting to come out when She saw me looking at her and immediately let it go back inside of her. I saw enough to make the observation that it wasn’t fecal matter so but it was white.
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