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My female panther who laid a clutch on the 14th June is now receptive once again. She is showing all her peachy pick colours and cruising the cage in search of a mate. This has been going on for a good 2-3 weeks.

She laid 38 eggs last time that turned out to be infertile. I put this down to being her first clutch and the male being nine months old at the time.

I certainly do not want to be mating her again and was hoping she would not become receptive again until early next year.

Her basking spot is 80f and she gets about 4 adult crickets dusted every other day. She is a good 80g and was this weight before her last clutch.

I am following the low temperature and low food intake method but it does not seem to work for her and she still laid a large clutch.

Has anyone else had female panther become receptive so often? If she does lay again it would be nice if these are fertile from retained sperm.

Are you positive they were unfertilized? My six month old male blue bar got the job done with two ladies. i wanted to wait with him, but both ladies wanted him and not my adult. i don't blame them though, the youngin' iz smokin hot. please wait at least six months before breedind her again. it will keep her alive longer and put much less stress on the calcium stripped from her bones and other tissues. MBD...
38 eggs isn't all that large.

Its not tiny, but its about average.

WHen I had my adult female veiled I fed her every 2 days.

This kept her from laying a clutch for over 8 months.

If she was bred in may/june and the first clutch was fertile, then this second clutch she lays could very well be fertile.
They were all certainly infertile. I incubated and all moulded and went flat within the first three weeks.

I may start feeding her every two days then and see how she goes. She is still showing her receptive colours and climbing around the cage a lot.

The breeder of my male has had a couple of males from my ones sire breed with a female and the first being an infertile clutch and then after all clutches have been fertile and had a good hatch rate. I plan on leaving her anyway and letting her lay infertiles if she wants to but I would prefer if he did not!
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