Female Panther Urate


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Our little girl passed this, and has been all over the cage lately. She is just shy of being a year old. We changed out her ficus, but she is on the same watering schedule. I understand all her urate just not sure about the clear blob portion of it. Anything would help thank you.


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normaly the clear blob pops before it comes out and its very watery, then urate, then solids. Looks like she just got the order wrong.

if you pop it, is it jelly or a water pocket?

1.) Solid poo- the brown blob
2.) Crystal urates- the white blob
3.) Liquid urates- the clear liquid


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Yes actually she was tested because i was worried about her weight about a month in half ago. Clean. And thank you for helping


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It doesnt smell no stench at all this is the first one and has had a second one that was normal
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