Female panther has yellowish tint


about a month ago I took my female to the breeder to watch for me while I went on vacation and he noticed she had like a yellow tint on her feet and tail and first thought she had a powder or something on her I haven’t seen it since but just curious cause he asked me today if I seen it
I don’t have any it was a few weeks ago I was just curious if it’s something to be worried about ... the breeder I got her from asked if she was still yellow and I said no and asked what he thought it was from and he wasn’t sure asked if she was by a window and maybe sun light got in her cage but he wasn’t sure could it of been from her heat light or something maybe being to hot ? I’m just using a flukers 75 watt basking bulb
Her pee is always white never had a issue with her not drinking....and her humidity is alway between 50-70... I sure hope that’s not it ... I e only seen it when I transported her to the breeder to watch her while I was gone if I ever see it again I will take pics
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