female panther chameleon


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hello Guys and Gal's , I was wondering what special care female panther chameleons have vs males . do you guys use different multivitamins ? I heard females need more vitamin A in their diet , so I was thinking about using rapashy lod every other day I and offer a multivitamin every other week .

but I definitely like to hear what you guys do different with females other than feeding less so clutch sizes are smaller and feed more once gravid .


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I use repashy LoD at every feeding. Feed every 2-3 days and have a basking spot between 81 and 83 degrees F. She will need a lay bin. Other than that I cant think of any differences but I do only keep females.

Be sure your gut load is varied and balanced for all insectavores but it can be especially helpful with egg development.
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