Female oustalet help

She looks prego...

But then again those are sleeping colors. We need some day time shots without her clinging to the branch.
ok will do she never showed the red when sleeping before usually green and white but now even when she changes her colors she still has the red i never seen it before untill about 3 days ago
That's usually their calm, chill colors. My female Lilly would turn white and orange/ red a lot but she was really shy. My male Rex shows white and red and white and orange all of the time though. To kinds see if shes Oregon then rub the bottom of her stomach/ ribs. In conclusion, red is a normal Colorado for them.
took these 20 mins ago violet 1.jpg violet2.jpg
also she keeps digging in to bottom of cage i put a flower pot full of soil but she wont dig in it
well i think she was to mate. i breed her this morning as soon as i put her in his cage she displayed her receptive color and he displayed his color then he started the jerking walk all the way to her and they did their business
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