Female is due to lay when I'm away


Hi there,
I have a wee issue. Ripley managed to regrow her ovaries and she is gravid now. It's still at least a month till she is due to lay, the problem is I have some family related business to attend in another country and I will be away for about a month. I really don't know what to do, cause I'm sure my boyfriend won't manage. He can feed my guys, that's about it.
Last time when she was due to lay, she couldn't and she had to have a surgery.. I saw that she doesn't look right, but James wouldn't even know what to look for.. Plus i would not want her to have another surgery if it's possible to avoid it.
My trip could not be cancelled or rescheduled. It just all crushed on me yesterday and I'm rather worried now.

Any suggestions would be welcomed cause I've no idea what am I going to do


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This is a really tough situation...Is there anybody you could leave her with, like a vet or somebody that is familiar with chams? Or just leave a list for your boyfriend of things to do and what to look for.

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Have the boyfriend share pics everyday?

Have a laying bin made up? Maybe even already in the enclosure?

Hope all is well with your family, and all goes well with Ripley.


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As long as a vet is available there is not much that you or your boyfriend can do anyway. It's the vets job if there is a problem. The only thing that you could do for her is have someone with chameleon laying experience watching her, and deciding when (or if) to get her to a vet.


thanks for your replies guys!
I thought about leaving her with the vet, but that would cost me about £20 per day. I'm trying to find someone I can leave her with.. it seems like the best option. But yeah, I'll have to take her to the vet before I leave anyway just to check with them
I'm quite upset and worried. Boo
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