Female Gravid Again

I have a 1 year old female veiled Cham. She eats 15 crickets every-other day. Supplement used are multivitamin once a week and calcium (no Da) at other feedings. The crickets are gut loaded. Anywho, she just laid her first clutch of eggs about 12 weeks ago. She is gravid again. She was given to us at around 6-8 months old and I was told “might have” been exposed to a male... we kept her last clutch just-in-case (if they actually hatch-expect lots of questions)

So questions: I remember seeing a thread that said with proper diet the female would not become gravid. Is that possible? If so, is it better for her health to keep her from laying clutches or is it better to just continue with my current feeding schedule? Will she always become gravid this frequently or will she tapper off? She is a family pet (not for breeding), very good natured, she is not handled too frequently, but she will walk on to my hand. I want her to remain healthy and happy.



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You can manage clutch size by restricting her food intake and keeping her at the lowest acceptable temperature for her size/species but I don’t think it will completely shut down her reproductive system. How big was her last clutch?


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What makes you believe she is gravid again? The photo you posted shows that she is definitely receptive.

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