Feeding with no tongue


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Yesterday my 3 month old Male panther Chameleon lost his tounge whilst feeding.
The vet advised to remove the small final attachment that was connected.
We now have antibiotics and pain relief for him which we can not at all get him to take.
We have been advised he can thrive if he is hand fed.
However again this isn’t successful as of yet.
He has a 2 inch bright red looking stivk in his mouth which impressive is the remainder of the younger beneath
Any help or advise would be hugely appreciated.
Thanks in advance I shall attach a video to show.


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Might have to syringe feed him until his wounds heal.


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Bug smoothies for a bit until the stump heals. Was there enough tongue left to keep the bone covered? If so, then it should heal pretty quickly and the cham will learn to eat with some assistance.
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