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I take it that many people are feeding their chameleons crickets as a main food item. Being that chameleons are arboreal and as familiar as I am with wild crickets presiding mainly on the ground, I'm curious how this works out for all of you?

I don't want to make it seem like I'm complaining about time spent tending to my pets but I wonder how other chameleon owners are keeping crickets suspended in or on branches and leaves long enough for the animal to feed. Is everyone feeding out of cups?


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I feed out of cups, its easier to monitor their eating lol. crickets are just a readily available source of prey for chameleons in my mind


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You are correct that in nature crickets are unlikely to be a common feeder for arboreal chameleons. We are just doing the best we can with what is available. I try to keep crickets down to 40% of my adults diets.
I feed most of them off in a feeder cup but I release a couple here and there to create enrichment. When you put them loose in the cage release them onto the screen side of the cage so they climb up. They won't last long.


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babies should be eating as much as they can, 3-5 mos should have a few a day in the morning, sub adults should have like 5-9 medium and adults should have 9-10 large every other day feed in the morning so they have time to digest


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What I do is babies (younger than I’d say 5 months) are as much as your cham will eat multiple times a day. 5/6-8 months is as much as your cham will eat in the morning every day. Then 8+ months is the equivalent of 10 large crickets every other day in the morning. Many people probably do it different, this is just my opinion on it.


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how small are you talking about
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