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Hi everyone,
My chameleon Maggie is responding really well to me feeding her from a bowl (which is attached to the side of the viv with suction cups)
The only issue is that the only ones I could get hold of are see through... and this means that she sometimes tries to catch the bugs from underneath or the sides.
has anyone got any simple ideas for ways to make the bottom and sides opaque?
I did think just colouring with a sharpie, but I don’t want to accidentally poison her or something.


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duct tape :) or any vinyl tape

Paint is not going to stick unless you ruff it up with some sand paper, then you could use latex paint.

Or just make a diy feeder out of a 1 qart yellow milk jug.

Or if you got the cash, full throttle feeders has nice cameo magnet one

cham girl

permanent marker won't wash off, but make one of something you otherwise would throw away, plastic container.......


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It depends on the material, but for mine, I just used sandpaper which essentially just scratches the surface and creates an opaque layer in which your cham will recognize the movement and draw him/her over to the feeding bowl, but not enough visibility for them to see the bug and try to shoot it through the plastic.
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