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Hi I've got 1 month old veiled, and I've got crickets, pinheads, my guess is i cup feed those, or else they would be impossible to find, so ho do you catch them and put them in the cup, i find it a bit hard, also how deep is the cup so the chaeleon can reach in, but they still can't escape
Baby Veiled

Congratulations on your new addition.

How small is your 1 month old veiled? Pinhead crickets tend to be ant sized and a one month old veiled should be able to eat small crickets. I don't even feed my veiled hatchlings pinhead crickets. I feed them one week old crickets that have a little more meat on them. You might want to wait a couple weeks before feeding those pinheads. If they're too tiny, they'll only end up being appetizers not real meals.

I've used short plastic margarine type containers when feeding very small crickets. I found it's best to tie down the cup though, because their tongues can get stuck on the plastic and tip it over.

If you house your crickets in a large plastic container, you can easily pick up the crickets using empty toilet paper rolls. The crickets climb inside and are easy to shake into a cup.

Hope this info helps. Good luck with your new baby veiled. By the way, is it a male or female? Have you decided on a name yet?
hey, i also congradulate you on your new cham!!!!

i wanted to say that he should have no problem on free range feeding.
at the same time, if you want to cup feed thats okay.make sure that you place the cup in an area that your cham can reach easily.hilohi had a good idea with how to get them in a cup.
haha thank you guys, I would have showed much more enthusiasm in the first post but I was in a hurry, he is very small, I'm guessing that's kind of normal, but I do see him eating small sized crickets..(the ant sized ones i've got do strike me as very small) I'll get some today. I will post pics soon I hope, and he is a little veiled called "steve" to honor steve irwing, if I ever get aother one he will be called "irwing" by the way. He looks like he's kind of scared, but I think he likes the cage I put up for him, I think it's kind of big that's why I cup feed, I was actually planning on buying an older chameleon. About what size should a 1 month old be? He looks healthy, good color, straight limbs and all, active also, but I hadn't seen them this young.
Wuuuhuuu my first chameleon, I hope I can take good care of him, I'll certainly try. Oh and also, i think I've read that younger chameleons shouldn't have a basking light yet.. or something, is this true, i'm not using a very strong bulb, but it does get up to a bit more than 90 F at the top. The climate where I live is generally ok, from about 75 to 80 something during the day, ant currently quite humid too.
and he's a male, I hope he ends up having a tough guy attitude trying to bite me and stuff.
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ok , slight shift from the original question, my chameleon is having a hard time spotting where the food is ,the cup,I now placed a transparent cup I was using a cutted out milk container, and just below a branch so he can reach to them ,dou you think this will help? where do you place your cup for your chameleon to spot the crickets easily?
You are better off with the milk jug. Transparent cups aren't good as feed cups because they can see through the cup and this will cause them to misjudge their firing range. That could result in tongue injury. You want something they can't see through.
....sorry I missed the second part of the question. I would place it just below the branch that seems to be his favorite to sit on. It's easier for them to look down and see their food, and they will do that from their favorite branch easier. You may also want to mix it up a bit and throw a few loose ones in so they can "hunt". This helps maintain their natural instincts.

Hope that helps.
yeah thanks I'll try the milk thing again, I think the problem was I got the wrong branch, Now that i've seen him a bit more, I think I know where to place it.
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