Does anyone know of any place in the Galveston/Houston are that sell feeders other than crickets, meal worms, super worms or wax worms? I'm wanting to try dubias and I want to be able to get small horn worms a few at a time so they don't get to big...:cool:


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I have places around me that are local but honestly I rather order online because prices are great! I would try Linda's gone buggie. All her stuff is great and she has many package deals that come with all types of different feeders for outstanding prices! Try them out!


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There are several Feeder retailers that are close to you. Coastal, us, even LLLReptile would be closer to you than Lindas Gone Buggie, but she does produce a quality product from what I hear :) Whatever you do, just make sure you try as many different insects as possible, so you understand what your cham will favor more in future orders.

Best of luck and happy herping!

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