Feeder porridge from Wormman?

I am never buying anything from wormman again it took almost 2 weeks for my crickets to arrive. They said 2-3 day shipping.... I had to go to pet co. and we all know how great the price is...
Yeah I tried one time to order from Wormman and a month later still no delivery. I finally started to email them daily and eventually did get my refund.

Never again would I try using them.
Good to know. Where are people ordering their crickets mealworms from then? Wormman's free shipping is what caught my eye.
Looking at the ingredients I'd stear clear of that. It seems to be a lab diet for rodents or cavy type animals. All the corn, soy and salt would concern me.

As far as crickets in Mo you may want to check out Crickets of the Ozarks, http://www.ozarkcrickets.com/
Thank you Jason. They aren't too far from me, although their site is almost impossible to read with the graphics going all the way across the page. I just emailed them for a shipping quote for 1000 crickets. After much more research, it looks like I'll also be making an order when we come back from TX next week for some WER gutload. What have you found is best as a water source? (water pillows, water dish, that jelly water stuff, etc)? What amount of WER gutload do you feed? Meaning, XX tbsp per XX crix?
There site needs a little work but Doug is a good guy and supplies quality crickets. Just tell him I sent you and he'll take care of you.

We don't use water sources for our insects, instead we utilize fresh fruits and veggies. Apples, romaine, sweet potato, orange slices, squash, etc. have always worked better for us.

As far as the amounts of gutload, unfortunately I don't really know. We use alot of it as we have thousands of roaches of 10 different species and go through crickets like it's a contest. You'll want the gutload to last for a few days but no longer than that. You'll find that they eat it pretty well so having too much usually isn't an issue.
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