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I just purchased a Veiled Cham. The pet stores have told me the only thing that I need to feed him is crickets. I have read on some web sites that they can eat a variety of things. I am not sure what to believe? What do you suggest? What quantities? Need help and information!! He is approx 2-3 months old. Thank you for your help.
Chameleons should be fed more than just crix, this is absolutley undisputable! If you got fed one dish for your whole life, what would you do? I had a chameleon stop eating crix. for a while. they need more in nutrition also.
well i recently started with waxies and on monday my silkies should arrive. well when i first got him he was jsut off flys and beggining crix. its actually very hard to get decent size other feeders around here. all i was able to get was mealies and he hated them.
I have been reading around from since I had my cham and notice that cham have different taste. My cham loves mealies lol and sometimes wax worms. I like to vary her diet from silkies and crickets as staples, and then throw in a some mealies, waxs, horn worms for a snack. She does get bored so I have to switch from crickets to silkies every once in a while.
yes, this is true. I have chameleons who will eat crix, but you can tell dont enjoy them as much as super worms or something like that. i offer crickets, super worms, silk worms, wax worms, and horned worms, fruit flies, and domestic house flies.
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