feces issues and concerned-new cham owner


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Recieved this female panther chameleon last friday shes 3-4 months old and im having troubles getting her to drink.. i think shes dehydrated.

She's eating fine and the brown color of the feces seems normal but the white is very little and there's a tint of orange in between the brown and white.

There's currently a misting system set up and a dripper on the opposite end which drips for 2 hours tops. i have also been misting 2-3 times a day as well.

I know that they're sneaky drinkers im just not sure if there's anything else i can do?

Shawn Raquel

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I have watered my cham the same way since I got him, shower every morning with me and then a full little dripper going on his hibiscus about every second till it drips out, usually drips for the whole day and a nice outside mist when I get home. Sometimes his urate is yellowish and sometimes its bright white. I used to worry when it was yellowish but I've since realized the key to cham care is letting them regulate themselves. Baring any additional dehydration signs, ei.. sunken eyes, papery skin, lethargic behavior.. If you know your little buddy knows where the water is and he has the appropriate water amounts available 9 times outta 10 they will be great.
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