Favorite indoor plant for chameleons

Favorite Indoor Plant

  • Schefflera

    Votes: 308 29.0%
  • Ficus

    Votes: 361 34.0%
  • Pothos

    Votes: 201 18.9%
  • Dracaena

    Votes: 33 3.1%
  • Hibiscus

    Votes: 158 14.9%

  • Total voters


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Hi guys, sorry for joining so late. I have a ficus and a bamboo palm, both works great! Rango loves both of them

Texas Panther Man

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I voted schefflerra. As they are the easiest plants to both landscape a cage with and to use as drinking opps for our chams. The stems are also big enuff to hold heavy bodied adults.

As for the jasmine question. Ive used star jasmine I think its called in my juvie pardalis cages. It smells awsome when it blooms. The only problem Ive had with it is that the roots cant handle copious amts of water well. If youve got a good draining planter it will do well with a fl grow light though.


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just left my local walmart and was shocked at the amount of cham friendly plants they had they usually dont have much they have these killa 3 to 4ft golden pothos and they also had some killer schefferra all different sizes gonna go back 2marrow cause i had done a bunch of shopping and was not gonna be able to fit all i wanted in the car. they also had some other really nice cham friendly's most walmarts get the same stock across the us should go check it out here is a pic of the pothos i grabbred oh yeah and there only 10 bucks


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my male veil cham

my 'dino' is eating my umbrella plants should i remove the plant or live it. please help dont now if is safe


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ive got a pothos and a ficus for my veiled and she LOVES both of them, but she keeps trying to eat the bottom parts of the plants thinking some of the dead things are bugs. like the little broken branches coming off the ficus or the roots from the pothos coming from where you would take a cutting. she only does this really close to the dirt though and i am TERRIFIED of her accidentally eating some dirt and dieing because i encourage her to climb on the plants. any idea how i can make sure she wont do this? anyone else had this problem and found a cure?


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I had an umbrella plant in Waldo's first cage then when I moved him up to a bigger cage I got a ficus and a pothos. My ficus is doing/growing great and producing new leaves. I don't do anything to it other than the misting that takes place. I also have HO lights. It seems to love it! Next I want to try a camellia. I just love the thick branches and leaves as well as the flowers :)


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I love my hibiscus plant. It's already flowering and has tons of buds. I need to get a bigger and thicker umbrella plant because right now mine can't support my 5 month old and he always wants to climb it XD

Mike Fisher

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I stopped using indoor plants. Too expensive and they die. I use outdoor plants that are chameleon safe and cultivate them in the yard before transferring them to the cages. If you have proper lighting they will thrive indoors. My bamboo does especially well in montane cages. i have to keep it pruned or it grows through the screen.


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Among the few plants listed, what is your favorite plant for indoor chameleon enclosures?
Jasmine Vine.
They grow as a trellis vine and bloom fragrant white flowers.
HOWEVER I only keep chams (ambilobe) that do not eat plants. I read that they are cham safe but wouldn't trust it to a Veiled


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The trick with most plants in cham cages is lighting, water and media. Most potting soil retains too much water in cham cages. You then end up with root rot. Second that one uv bulb you put over your enclosure isn't enough to grow a plant indoors, in most cases.

Lots of light and fast draining soil will usually allow you to grow just about any plant you want in a cham enclosure.


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Ya'll must have stock in Ficus. THats all I hear/see "get a Ficus!" LOL.. I heard they are also VERY difficult to keep alive so not sure I wanna drop the $100 they want for one.:) I like the Schefflera. I found a very large bushy one at Lowes for 6.84, so I got 2.:)
Who's asking 100$ for a ficus!?! I paid maybe 25$ for mine
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