Favorite food and weird feeding habits


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Hey there what’s your chameleons favorite foods and weird feeding habits? Picasso absolutely loves dubias and soldier flies. I would like to believe he also likes gnats that sometimes get into the enclosure as one day they are there and the other they are just gone. He accepts pretty much everything else except hornworms and crickets. He will half eat a hornworm and leave the other half in the cup which I don’t understand the hornworms haven’t bit him. He also refuses to eat free range crickets but also will not eat them if they are just sitting in his cup he will eat them when they are in the middle of escaping on the edge of the cup about to hop off otherwise he ignores them and let’s the hang out in the screen


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Hard to tell if there’s any favorites...my veileds are eager to eat anything that moves. My panther is also a great eater, however when I give him roaches, he holds them in his mouth for a couple of minutes. I can’t decide if he is savoring the juices, enjoying the sensation of wiggling legs in his mouth or is deciding if he really wants to eat such a yucky thing.


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Yeah anything exciting and different! Soldier flies, butterflies (non toxic) and grasshoppers seem to be my guy’s favorites. I like to use a juicy grasshopper for his D3 and multivitamins ;)
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