Favorite Breeder to buy Cham-Please Recommend

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by YellowQueenHoney, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Thanks so much!
  2. CJ's Exotics

    CJ's Exotics Chameleon Enthusiast

    Your welcome! So you are looking for a Veiled? If you consider a Panther, they are great, if you do a Veiled, FlChams breed high quality panthers and Veiled's. Although if you like Panthers, I toatlly recommend Chameleons 101, but you have to call for accurate availability.
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  3. I never had a Panther but reading about them, they seem similar husbandry to Veileds. I am not sure when I can afford to buy one as we just spent a lot on vet bills for the one I lost. I do hope to have another chameleon soon, I miss Sven, my veiled so much. Seeing his empty cage breaks my heart again and again. I want a male for sure and as long as he is healthy and it clicks that he’s the one, I’ll be so happy.
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  4. CJ's Exotics

    CJ's Exotics Chameleon Enthusiast

    One difference is that Panthers require more humidity. I'm so sorry for your loss. If finances is an issue right now, I would get a nice Veiled, or wait.
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  5. I need to wait. I had issues with keeping humidity up so maybe a Veiled would be better, eventually...
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  6. Beautiful chameleons!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
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  7. Kristen Wilkins

    Kristen Wilkins Chameleon Enthusiast

    Your very welcome best of luck .
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  8. dshuld

    dshuld Chameleon Enthusiast

    Both have beautiful patterns and colors. I still wouldn't mind a male veiled myself lol.
  9. Kristen Wilkins

    Kristen Wilkins Chameleon Enthusiast

    Do it there so amazing !. What I will say is get from someone you trust . Talk with @jannb she is amazing and can help you find one healthy . I love love the little girl veiled . Our little girl is so very fresh and bossy .
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  10. CJ's Exotics

    CJ's Exotics Chameleon Enthusiast

    Gracilior are also gorgeous, not as colorful and they are rare, but the horns are amazing.
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  11. dshuld

    dshuld Chameleon Enthusiast

    My very short list is currently a female for blue, male jackson, male verrucosus and if @frankpayne32 has a carpet with signs of purple in his next available clutch I may look into that for @Krissy83 so she has a cham with some purple lol. But, not my thread so I apologize @YellowQueenHoney for going off topic :(.
  12. Katacara

    Katacara Avid Member

    @CharlesYamaguchi breeds veiled's if I remember correctly. I know his babies are healthy and very well taken care of!
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  13. LizardLover0261

    LizardLover0261 New Member

    I work at Pet smart and would whole heartedly advise against getting one from a store if you have any choice at all. At least in regards to a chain or corporation. There is however a "small" mom and pop store around in the general area who I can say actually take care of the animals they take in and breed. Search smaller local stores instead of chains like pet smart or Petco.
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  14. dshuld

    dshuld Chameleon Enthusiast

    Out of curiosity, what was your setup like for the veiled? My house has an average rh typically around 48/ 50% depending on what temp I have the ac set for. I've seen it go as low as 40% though. I live in gulf coast central Fl though about a mile off the gulf and still have most of the old bi-fold style windows except for 4 of them that have been replaced and three of those are still older and leaky though :rolleyes:.

    Anyways, with my plants, 3/4 of his enclosure sides covered with plastic table cloth and the current mist schedule I'm able to keep a rh of around 60/ 65% in there. Once my cross connectors get here I'll be having to adjust again for my mist redesign I'm sure though. So maybe there's something we can all collectively come up with to help you on that front for your next cham :).
  15. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    Kammerflage Kreations. Top notch Panthers. Been in business for over 30 yrs. One of the "original" Panther breeders. Wonderful people. I have gotten 2 Panthers from them.

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